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Maintenance Technician
Legends at Laurel Canyon with United Residential Properties
100 Legends Drive Canton GA 30114

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Legends at Laurel Canyon is seeking a skilled Maintenance Technician to join the growing team!

We are looking for a team player that is a hands-on technician and thrives on a fast-paced and diversified operation.

URP  is an owned-and-operated real estate brand on a mission to create raving residents! Our first-class residential communities offer flexible living solutions.

Our communities are designed to deliver unparalleled carefree living. We have professional, friendly teams on site to provide exceptional service, complimentary, on-demand, business and resort amenities for convenience, and fun resident events to create a sense of community.

​Our brand is growing, and we are seeking hard-working and passionate top talent to grow their careers with us! If you are interested in being a Legend, join us as we continue to expand our portfolio of properties and enter new markets, apply today for an opportunity to join our winning team!


URP Management, LLC
Job Description
Maintenance Technician


A. Technical & Physical Requirements

  • Minimum 6 months experience with maintenance background.
  • Minimal knowledge in all phases of maintenance including HVAC, heat pumps, electrical, plumbing, pools and light carpentry. You must become certified in the recovery of refrigerant within 6 months of hire date.
  • Must be able to work with and handle the following chemicals: algaecides, bromine, calcium chloride, chlorine, cyanuaric acid, gasoline, muratic acid, and oil, paint thinner, sodium carbonate, sodium bicarbonate, sodium hypochlorite and tile cleaners.
  • Occasional lifting up to 100 pounds with frequent lifting of objects weighing up to 50 pounds.
  • You must efficiently handle multiple projects simultaneously and obtain clear accurate results.
  • Move quickly and with good coordination in order to meet deadlines.
  • Must be able to perform the following activities: bending, stooping, twisting, squatting, kneeling, stair climbing, descending, work on ladders, work on uneven terrain and work above shoulder level.
  • Ability to maintain a positive attitude, regardless of possible circumstances.
  • Must be physically fit with an endurance level of 100% at all times and constantly be aware of safety.

B. Personnel

  • Efficiently communicate with all team members regarding company policies and procedures.
  • Receive and review all company memoranda.
  • Keep an updated company policy manual in the shop and available to all personnel at all times.
  • Deal with all employees calmly and professionally when in a confrontational situation.
  • Ability to speak clearly and communicate objectives to others.

C. Resident Relations

  • Insure all work requests are completed in a 24-hour time and communicate any delays to supervisor.
  • Assist in any special resident problems under the supervision of Maintenance Supervisor and Property Manager.
  • Will always be friendly and respect all residents and their guests.
  • Maintain an excellent attitude toward resident services.
  • Report any resident that is unhappy or angry.
  • Deal with all people and employees calmly and professionally when in a confrontational situation.
  • Assist with all move-out inspections.
  • Attend all resident activities.
D. Property Maintenance
  • Job duties will include but not be limited to the following: Will maintain a clean property by means of blowing with a backpack blower or a street blower. Will pick up all trash found and will compact trash on a regular basis. Will also be expected to power wash breezeways and patios and paint and clean buildings. To keep breezeway handrails dusted and clean in addition to the removal of all spider webs.
  • After notifying the Maintenance Supervisor you must assist with immediate action to repair any liabilities reported or found on the property.
  • Will maintain the pool and amenities areas under the direction of the Maintenance Supervisor.
  • Empty trash receptacles to include but not limited to clubhouse, amenity areas and pet stations on a regular basis.
  • Keep breezeway lights functioning properly and clean globes as needed.
  • Assist in “trashing out” apartment homes as needed.
  • Water all flowers and necessary landscaping by distributing hoses in a manner that insures proper watering and clear / safe sidewalks.
  • Keep offices and amenities clean by emptying trash, sweep, run vacuum and dust on regular basis.
  • Assist in weed control and planting bulbs in the fall if requested.
  • Assist in a complete filter change and smoke alarm check which occurs a minimum of 3 times a year.
  • Assist in a complete fire extinguisher inspection and certification must be done annually.
  • As instructed in the manual, you must post freeze warning signs and turn on heat drip faucets in vacant units.
  • Maintain clear and unobstructed breezeways including the application of ice melt during the winter months.
  • Assist maintenance team with preventative items such as filter changes, fire extinguisher inspections, etc.
  • Pick up cigarette butts, compact trash and clean around compactor area.
  • Clean carwash, vacuum and hose down car wash area and clean out drain as necessary.

E. Financial

  • Suggest to the Maintenance Supervisor any cost saving possibilities.
  • Insure maintenance related contractor work has been received or that the work has been completed to United Residential Properties standards.
  • Follow all budget guidelines.
  • Insure all purchase orders and work requests are complete and submitted to the Property Manager as needed.
  • Receive approval from the Property Manager if going over $50 in any budget category.

F. Administrative

  • Complete and submit all required reports on time to the Property Manager and Maintenance
  • Follow payroll requirements and insure time sheets are correct before submitting to the
    Property Manager.
  • Follow on-call schedule and Notify Property Manager and Maintenance Supervisor for any
    over time emergency calls.

G. Maintenance Shop and Storage

  • Maintain a clean and safe work environment.
  • Maintain proper storage of all chemicals, paints and combustibles.
  • Insure that the shop along with any storage units are always locked and secure.

H. Property Equipment

  • Will maintain all company equipment with in manufactures’ guidelines.
  • Will not alter or rig any broken equipment and will report any damage or down equipment to
    the Maintenance Supervisor immediately.
  • All equipment/tools are to remain on property grounds. They should not be taken off the
    premises for any reason.

I. Emergencies

  • Report to the Maintenance Supervisor any emergency on the property.
  • Know all company policies in regards to emergencies.
  • Report to the Property Manager any emergency on the property.
  • Keep water cut-off maps in the shop and office at all times and know the location of each cut-

J. Accountability

  • The Maintenance Technician reports directly to the Maintenance Supervisor. Will perform any
    and all maintenance related items assigned by the Maintenance Supervisor and/or Property
  • The work schedule will be Monday – Friday 8 am – 5 pm with overtime required for on
    call/afterhours schedule requirements. The Maintenance Technician will be required to cover two
    weeks of on call/afterhours schedule with a rotation with the Maintenance Supervisor. The person
    on call is also required to report for a maximum of 2 hours for weekend duties during the on call
    schedule. Scheduling needs may arise that would cause the Maintenance Technician to work after
    hour resident social events or emergencies, as well. While this is not the norm, the Maintenance
    Technician should attempt to make themselves available to cover deficiencies in the schedule as
    well as planned resident social activities.
  • Must have an operating vehicle with proof of automobile insurance in order to perform the
    essential functions of this job.
  • After hour emergencies should be responded to within thirty minutes of the reported incident.
  • Mileage to and from the property will be paid at a rate of $.325 per mile for all on call/after hours
    emergencies worked and property related errands.
  • On call/overtime wages are paid from the point the employee reaches the property for the service
    call until the point the work is completed.
    This job description is intended as a guide for overall duties and responsibilities and is not all
    encompassing of total daily responsibilities.

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