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Business Operations Manager
Next Step Ministries
7709 Turner Rd. Woodstock, GA 30188

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Full Time

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Job Description


Position Business Operations Manager Updated 4/10/2024
Job Overview This position is responsible for overseeing and optimizing administrative and operational activities to ensure efficiency, productivity, and strategic alignment with the values and goals. This role requires a versatile detail-oriented individual who can oversee various tactical aspects of day-to-day operations.
Reports To Executive Director and/or Chief of Staff
Manages External vendors and contractors as needed

(Key Performance Indicators)

·        Administrative Support

·        Communication & Stakeholder Engagement

·        Human Resources Management

·        Operational Efficiency

·        Facilities/Infrastructure Management – Multiple locations

·        Vendor/Contract Management

·        Compliance/Risk Management

Pay $19-21/hour with benefits after 90 days
Schedule 40 hours: Monday – Friday 8:30am to 5:00pm with rare weekend opportunities
Location Woodstock, Georgia

Key Position Responsibilities


Administrative Support

  • Invoicing clients & overseeing accounts receivable to ensure timely/accurate processing and reporting
  • DBHDD Processes
    • Families in waiting
    • Payment agreements
    • Budgeting of waiver funds
    • Create educational resources specifically in this area
    • Establish NSM as a subject matter expert – document, teach, research, update, etc.
  • Manage Playground software for employee & family tracking and communications
  • Maintain Bloomerang CRM system for accuracy (data and timeliness)
  • Coordinate logistics for meetings, events & programs – internally & externally
  • Support the grant application process, including researching opportunities, preparing proposals, and tracking deadlines.
    • Ensure compliance with grant requirements and reporting, working closely with program staff.


Communication and Stakeholder Engagement:

  • Greeting all clients and caregivers during opening and closing, including answering phones
  • Serve as a point of contact for external inquiries, stakeholders, and partners
  • Collaborate in the development of marketing materials, newsletters, and social media content
  • Maintain a positive and professional image of the organization in all interactions

Human Resources Management

  • Organizational HR Responsibilities
    • Lead onboarding & offboarding activities
    • Benefits administration
    • Employee documentation and forms – ensure all information is current
    • Payroll administration and attendance tracking
    • Maintain Employee Handbook for currency & accuracy – update quarterly
    • Certification management

Operational Efficiency

  • Implement and measure operational excellence processes
    • Improve process efficiency throughout Next Step Ministries
    • Researching, implementing and tracking cost savings efforts
    • Track and maximize equipment usage, repair, acquisition
  • Implement strategic plan, as directed
  • Technology/IT – maintaining necessary systems and associated vendors

Facilities/Infrastructure Management

  • Timely resolution of facility issues at both locations
  • Manage phones, security, technology, HVAC systems – contracts and maintenance
  • Oversee indoor cleaning, ongoing landscaping, external maintenance
  • Tracking frequency and cost of maintenance. Plumbing, electrical, roof, repairs, etc.
  • Creating and maintaining a vendor contact list for quick reference

Vendor / Contract Management

  • Researching, managing and evaluating vendors
    • Adherence to contractual terms
    • Establish service level agreements
    • Negotiations and accountability as needed

Compliance / Risk Management

  • Ensuring Next Step Ministries compliance with physical, legal & regulatory requirements
    • Managing insurance claims, assessing and mitigating risks
    • Data protection for participants, employees and donors
    • Knowledge of relevant laws, regulations, and standards related to serving individuals with disabilities
  • Researching, educating families/caregivers and managing funding – CAG, CLS, CAI, CLI


Competencies – Business Operations Manager

  • Professionalism – proper management of relationships, resources and information internally and external to Next Step Ministries
  • Regulatory Compliance – knowledge of industry/nonprofit regulations and compliance requirements relevant to the organization’s operations
  • Ethical Conduct – adherence to high ethical standards and integrity in all financial, personnel and organizational activities
  • Process Improvement – process optimization, efficiency improvement, and implementing best practices to streamline operations and increase productivity
  • Self-Management – strong organizational and time management skills to handle multiple tasks and priorities effectively
  • Problem-Solving – analytical and problem-solving skills to identify issues, propose solutions, and make informed decisions
  • Technology Proficiency – familiarity with relevant software and technology tools for nonprofit management, data analysis, and reporting

Key Organizational Competencies

  • Strategic Thinking – Envision and plan, anticipating potential challenges and opportunities.
  • Servant Heart – Guide, inspire, and influence individuals or groups to achieve common goals.
  • Communication Skills – Convey ideas, information and feedback clearly and appropriately.
  • Analytical Skills – Gather, analyze, and interpret information to make informed decisions.
  • Problem Solving – Identify, analyze and find effective solutions.
  • DecisionMaking – Select the best course of action based on risks and desired outcomes.
  • Results Orientation – Focus on setting and achieving specific, measurable outcomes and goals.
  • Adaptability – Adjust to new conditions, environments or situation and respond effectively.