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Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN)
Next Step Ministries
7709 Turner Rd. Woodstock, GA 30188

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Job Description

Job Description


Position Nurse Updated 1/17/2024
Job Overview The Nurse at Next Step Ministries is primarily focused on providing, coordinating and overseeing the day-to-day health and wellness care of participants while at Next Step Ministries.  The nurse provides compassionate and specialized care, oversees other qualified individuals providing care and trains NSM personnel in growing their knowledge and expertise in caring for participants.
Reports To Program Director
Manages Client & employee profiles.  HIPPA & Worker’ comp. compliance. Medication

(Key Performance Indicators)

·        Excellence in healthcare management & coordination

·        Development of staff in appropriate healthcare services

·        Collaboration and teamwork within Next Step Ministries

·        Advocacy & support of participants and their families

Pay $22-26/hour with benefits after 90 days
Schedule 40 hours: Monday – Friday 8:00am to 4:30pm with rare weekend opportunities
Location Woodstock, Georgia


Key Organizational Standard Requirements

  • Next Step Ministries is based on biblical principles, Christian activities including but not limited to prayer, teachings and media are part of the organization’s environment & practices.
  • Evidence of Next Step Ministries Values
    • Teamwork
    • Respect
    • Accountability
    • Integrity
    • Loyalty
  • No one with documented previous conviction of sexual abuse or molestation will be hired for this position for the safety and protection of our participants
  • Physical requirements include ability to transfer participants as needed, adequate physical endurance to address participants needs, willingness and ability to assist participants with personal hygiene needs with dignity and grace.

Key Position Responsibilities

Healthcare Management & Coordination

  • Provide health and wellness care for participants
  • Coordinate and monitor healthcare services, including medication administration, specialized treatments, feeding tubes, hygiene, etc.
  • Develop and implement individualized healthcare plans for participants
  • Support in-take process for new participants
  • Medication Management
  • Administer medications & treatments as prescribed, adhering to all safety protocols
  • Maintain accurate medication records and ensure compliance with regulatory requirements
  • Train staff on proper medication administration procedures
  • Monitor and document any side effects of medications. Take regular inventory and communicate accordingly
  • Health Assessments
  • Conduct regular health assessments for program participants
  • Monitor vital signs, skin integrity and overall well-being and track health indicators
  • Monitor and document any changes in health status, behavior, or seizure activity
  • Report findings to families and collaborate on appropriate interventions
  • Gastrostomy Tube (G-Tube) Care
  • Administer enteral feedings through G-tubes as prescribed by healthcare professionals
  • Ensure proper hygiene and care of G-tube sites to prevent infections
  • Monitor for signs of complications and collaborate with the healthcare team for intervention
  • Seizure Management
  • Develop and implement seizure action plans for each individual, considering the unique characteristics of their seizures
  • Provide immediate and appropriate intervention during seizure episodes
  • Train staff on seizure recognition and response protocols
  • Personal Care
  • Assist with activities of daily living, including changing diapers, feeding and maintaining personal hygiene
  • Implement individualized care plans that address the specific needs and preferences for each participant
  • Collaborate with support staff to ensure consistent and dignified care

Healthcare Education & Expertise

  • Regularly conduct health education sessions for staff
  • Oversee staff as they increase their capabilities in assisting with health needs of participants
  • Documentation
  • Ensure that healthcare information is secure, accessible as needed and understandable
    • Document care provided including any changes
    • Build and document best practices for various scenarios for education purposes
    • Emergency Response:
    • Be prepared to respond to medical emergencies promptly and effectively
    • Conduct regular emergency drills with staff to ensure readiness
    • Document and report incidents, injuries, or health-related concerns as required

    Collaboration and Teamwork

    • Work closely with program staff, organization leadership, and families
    • Participate in meetings to discuss individual progress and adjust healthcare plans as needed
    • Maintain open communication with participants, their families, and appropriate NSM staff
    • Foster a culture of collaboration and respect

    Advocacy and Support

    • Advocate for the health and wellness needs and rights of participants
    • Provide dignity, care and respect to participants



  • Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) or Registered Nurse (R.N.) with a valid state license
  • Experience in caring for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities, including those with seizures and medical fragility
  • Certification in Basic Life Support (BLS) and Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support (ACLS) preferred
  • Ability to use/learn to use Hoyer Assisted Lift system with clients for changing
  • Strong organizational and multitasking skills
  • Compassion, patience, and a commitment to providing quality care

Key Nurse Competencies

  • Strategic Thinking – Envision and plan, anticipating potential challenges and opportunities.
  • Analytical Skills – Gather, analyze, and interpret information to make informed decisions.
  • Problem Solving – Identify, analyze and find effective solutions.
  • Change Management – Support and manage organizational change effectively.
  • Communication Skills – Convey ideas, information and feedback clearly and appropriately.
  • Results Orientation – Focus on setting and achieving specific, measurable outcomes and goals.