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Food Services Worker
Northside Hospital, Inc.
450 Northside Cherokee Blvd, Canton, Georgia 30115

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Part Time

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Job Description

Performs a variety of duties as assigned in support of the overall mission of the department. Operates automatic pot and dishwashing machines and performs routine cleaning operations in kitchen area.



  1. Loads and operates automatic dishwashing equipment.
  1. Monitors dishwashing operations to ensure that machine is properly filled with chemicals and that appropriate water temperature is maintained and maintains dish machine temperature record.
  1. Sorts soiled dishes, utensils, and trays in the tray return areas, delivers soiled items to dish room, and sorts and returns clean dishes, trays, and utensils to proper storage areas.
  1. Performs routine cleaning tasks in kitchen area such as mopping floors, wiping tables and counters, cleaning equipment, and emptying garbage cans.
  1. Delivers food and supplies to Patient Care areas, and re‑stocks Cafeteria supplies and condiments.


  1.  Must be able to read, write, and follow written and oral instructions.

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